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Tax Sales

Indiana Code provides that real property parcels with delinquent taxes due will be offered for a tax certificate sale by the County Treasurer.  

Auction sales are held at the Scott County Courthouse, Commissioners Room #128 in Scottsburg, Indiana. Successful bidders will obtain a lien on the parcel through a Tax Sale Certificate issued by the County Auditor. Property owners have one year from the date of the sale to “redeem” their property by paying the amounts prescribed by Indiana Code which includes interest on the amounts paid by the successful bidder/investor. If the property is not redeemed within one year of the auction date, the successful bidder may obtain a tax deed to the property by following procedure as outlined in the Indiana Code. The above referenced is a brief summary of the process. Note the reference to Indiana Code throughout – investor/bidders should obtain legal advice as you work your way through the Tax Sale process. Specific information, including a listing of available properties in the Scott County auction, can be obtained at SRI-Tax Sale or contact the Treasurer’s office at 812-752-8414.