Scott County Marriage Requirements

****Couples may E-file at****

The following information is required at the time of the application:

  • Proof of Age and Identification - Applicants must present a valid driver’s license or State issued identification card or Military identification. IC 31-11-4-6 (4) (if address is not current, proof of current address will be needed)
  • Non-Citizens - Applicants must present a valid Visa, Passport or Resident Alien card. A State issued identification card is required if the Resident Alien card does not have photo identification.
  • Proof of Current Address - Proof of current address is required if the address on the identification is different from the address on the application. You may use bank statements, rent receipts or utility bills to prove current address.
  • Previous Marriages, Ending Reasons and Dates - On the application, you must provide the date (month, day and year) that a divorce was final; widow/widowers must provide the date of death (month, day and year). IC 31-11-4-4
  • Marriage License Fee - Scott County residents $18.00. Out of State residents $60.00. IC 33-32-5-1 This fee is payable at the time of application. This fee is payable by cash only.
  • Social Security Numbers - The State of Indiana requires Social Security Numbers for the Bride and Groom. The numbers are kept confidential. IC 31-11-4-4
  • Where to Apply - You must apply for your marriage license in your county of residence. One of the applicants must be a Scott County resident or both applicants must be non-residents of Indiana. IC 31-11-4-3
  • Special requirements - There are special and/or additional requirements for applicants under the age of 18, prison and jail inmates, and some military personnel. Please contact the Clerk's Office for questions.
  • Marriage License Expiration - The license becomes void sixty (60) days from the date issued. IC 31-11-4-9
  • E-Filing - Couples may e-file at the website listed at the top. Using the e-file will save 20 minutes on the application process. Printed applications from e-file are not necessary.

Both applicants must be present in the Clerk's Office to finalize the application for a marriage licence.

NOTICE: IC 31-11-11-1 - Furnishing false information upon applying for license; a person who knowingly furnishes false information to a Clerk of the Circuit Court when the person applies for a marriage license under IC 31-11-4 commits a Class D felony.