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How do I find out who my public defender is?
If the courts have determined you qualify for a Public Defender, the court will notify our office and we will typically assign you a Public Defender within forty-eight (48) hours of receiving the notice from the court.
Does the Public Defender handle matters other than Criminal Cases?
The Public Defender’s Office may only represent you in the case they are appointed to you in.
How do I retain the services of a Public Defender?
If a person is determined financially unable to retain a private attorney, the courts will appoint you a Public Defender as your attorney.
If I am arrested, should I talk to the police?
If you are arrested, you should request to speak to a lawyer and you should obtain advice from a lawyer before answering police questions.
Important Information about Court Appearances:
You must appear in court for all your court hearings unless told otherwise by the judge or your lawyer.
Working with your Attorney:
It takes time, sometimes several months, for a case to move through the courts.
Does the Jail record my phone calls?
Results 1-7 of 7