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Why must I file?
An exemption is a privilege which may be waived if an application for exemption is not timely filed.
When must I file?
The exemption application must be filed before April 1 of the assessment year in which the owner/applicant wishes to have the exemption granted.
When are Applications No Longer Required?
An application for exemption is no longer required every two years if the exempt property is tangible property owned, occupied, and used by a person for educational, literary, scientific, religious, or charitable purposes as described in IC 6-1.1-10.
What happens if there is a change in property ownership or use?
An exemption on a property is still valid after a change in ownership if the property continues to meet the requirements for an exemption under IC 6-1.1-10 or IC 6-1.1-10-21.
Results 1-4 of 4