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Name Title Department Email Telephone
Baker, Jill Superintendent Highway Department   812-752-8470
Bowles-Densford, Tinisha Public Defender Public Defender   812-752-5920
Bright, Murielle   Public Defender   812-346-2139
Brunner, Tim Environmentalist   812-752-8455 x 3
Burns, Cristy 2nd Chief Deputy Treasurer 812-752-8414
Campbell, Andrew IT Director Information Technologies   812-752-6289
Carter, T. Michael Public Defender Public Defender   812-752-1000
Combs, Brittany Public Health Nurse Health Department 812-752-8455 x 2
Cox, Michael District 2 Highway Department    
Cozart, Diana Assessor Assessor   812-752-8436
Dean, Kelly Prevention Outreach Coordinator Health Department 812-794-2730
Dietrich, John Public Defender Public Defender   812-752-2344
Forbes, Pat Administrative Assistant EMS    
Fortner, Jeff Director    
Gardner, Mark County Surveyor Surveyor   812-752-8445
Ginn, Carla Public Defender Public Defender   812-752-5869
Guernsey, Kayla Care Coordination Services One Stop Shop - Syringe Service Program 812-794-2730
Hall, Danielle District Coordinator    
Hall, Patti Preparedness Coordinator Preparedness 812-752-8455 x 5
Hurt, Amanda HD Officer      
Jent, Sheryl Recorder      
Johnson, Krissi Chief Deputy Treasurer 812-752-8414
Johnson, Tammy Auditor Auditor   812-752-8408
Jones, Mike District 2 - Commissioner Highway Department    
Staff 1-25 of 66