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Military Discharge - DD-214

In response to the ongoing identity theft crisis, a Military Discharge Document (DD-214) is considered by Indiana State Statute to be a confidential document.

According to Indiana Code 10-17-2-4, only specific persons and/or entities are allowed to view and obtain copies of these documents are providing the credentials as set out in the code.

If applicant is other than the claimant, other documentation will be required to release the document(s) requested.
  • If you are a personal representative of the claimant, you must present a copy of the Appointment of Personal Representative court document.
  • If you are the guardian of the claimant, you must present a copy of the Guardianship court papers.
  • If you are an attorney or immediate family member of the claimant, you must have an original notarized affidavit from the claimant that states you are entitled to receive a copy of their military discharge that is recorded at the Scott County Recorder’s Office.
  • If you are an authorized official of the United States requesting this document, you must present your government photo identification.
  • If the claimant is deceased, you must present a certified copy of his/her death certificate.
  • If you are a funeral director, you must present your License Number.


*Disclaimer - Indemnification*

Requestor understands and agrees that Scott County Recorder does not guarantee the accuracy of the data and the information requested and hereby expressly disclaims any responsibility for the truth, lack of truth, validity, invalidity, accuracy, inaccuracy of any said data and information. Requester accepts responsibility for his/her unauthorized use or transmission of any such data or information in its actual or altered form.