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The Environmental Department of the Scott County Health Department investigates and mitigates environmental and public health issues concerning Scott County. To accomplish this, the section must effectively incorporate the practices and procedures necessary to ensure that the federal, state, and local laws and ordinances concerning the environmental quality of Scott County are met. These efforts are designed to reduce hazards including solid waste, chemical or biological agents and to maintain the quality of our land and water.

Food Protection

Indiana Laws Rules and Regulations

Scott County Health Department refers to Indiana Code and Requirements for all Retail Food Establishment inspections. Indiana Sanitation Requirements:

Environmental Hazards

Environmental hazard Investigations are conducted by the Environmental Health Specialist for any condition that could impact the public health or environmental quality of Scott County. Such conditions include hazardous material releases, natural or technological disasters, indoor air pollution, water contamination, animals, trash and debris and failed onsite sewage disposal systems. These investigations can be initiated from reports filed by citizens or other local, state or federal agencies. Violation letters may be issued and corrective actions are initiated because of these investigations. Court actions may be a part of this process. Citizens with any environmental concern should contact the environmental section. Reports may be made anonymously.

Onsite Sewage Systems

Our onsite sewage disposal program follows a cradle to grave paradigm. The Environmental Health Specialist conducts site evaluations. Soil scientist provides analysis for each new construction and many repair systems. This procedure includes producing a detailed soil profile description and a topographic characterization for the site. Using the size of the home and the site/soil profile information, they can tailor an onsite sewage disposal system to each individual site. Permits, consultations and inspections are provided for new construction and repair onsite sewage disposal systems. Educating homeowners on system operation has become a priority. Homeowners who are interested in the operation or location of their system should contact our section. We can arrange onsite consultations or provide owners with diagrams of their system, if available.


  • Inspections Of Food Establishments
  • Health Permits Issued Food Establishments
  • Soil Testing
  • Water Testing
  • Septic Inspection Letters
  • Inspections Of Existing Septic Systems And For Failures
  • Permits Issued For New Septic Systems
  • Investigation Of Complaints On Septic Systems Incidents
  • Yearly Rabies Clinics With Local Veterinary Assistance
  • Minimize Risk Of Vector Related Diseases
  • Inspection Of Public Swimming Pools,
  • Bathing Beaches To Minimize Disease Transmission
  • Investigation Of Conditions That Are Dangerous To The Health & Welfare Of The Community